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Why Are Forged Pistons So Strong?

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Why does every get so jacked about forged parts? What's really going on when we look at the molecular level of different metals when they are being made, used and destroyed? Today on B2B, we're going to find out.

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  1. WM


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    Sri Lanka 😂😂😂

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    on it's side... because at it's normal position it wouldn't make a dent :P

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  5. Skyler Disbrow

    Skyler Disbrow

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    Super dope video, and while the piston crushing was cool as heck, I think it was a bit of an unfair comparison. One got crushed along the axis that the part was designed to endure the most force, and one (the stronger one too) was crushed along an axis that the piston isn't designed to endure force on. Again, super cool, but I totally wish he crushed them the same :(

  6. User- Sama

    User- Sama

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    'Piston designers can go Buck Wild' -2021 Jeremiah Burton

  7. User- Sama

    User- Sama

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    You could've made a jojo reference about the punches

  8. T Daniels

    T Daniels

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    [spits out oil] They did what in a cup?

  9. Airport Rampman

    Airport Rampman

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    very informative and entertaining at the same time..i love learning from you guys..mow powah baby

  10. metwono


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    You guys really stepped it up on this video. Nice job.

  11. Mrluvshack


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    well done taking a very complex subject and making it edutaining. Great work team!

  12. The Triper

    The Triper

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    This guy kinda looks like Keanu Reeves.

  13. Charles Matlock

    Charles Matlock

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    Good video, explains some stuff well. I am a metallurgical engineer so I really appreciate it when people bring my expertise into the mainstream. If you are really interested in learning more, definitely start looking into other explanations since these are super simplified.

  14. janith gunasena

    janith gunasena

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    What is that thing with sri lanka I am a sri lankan and i am curious to know

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    Sunil Chandra

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    What does B2B mean?

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    Well, well, well...if it isn’t old faithful ‘Grumpy aka Nolan’ @00:06:04 😂😂😂.

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    Does Donut use an ad agency or or have companies like Keeps dictate the content or do they have creative control? Because I think their ads are brilliant. I actually enjoy watching them unlike ROfilm ads that I mute until they're over (I'm looking at you, Google Fi!!!).

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    Mr. Frizzle is my spirit animal.

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    Done Whiskey

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    Really? Shralanka? Third eye? Wow. Did you really just say that?

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    George Armstrong

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    You were doing ok until 14:26, when you introduced us to Mr. Frizzle. You lost me at that point.

  22. tim king

    tim king

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    Why didn't you crush all three pistons? All three from the same angle would have been better!

  23. cbb8991


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    Took me back to my material science class... With the addition of Mr. Frizzle.

  24. Mark Melinski

    Mark Melinski

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    Your best video yet! Keep it up

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    Mex Drago

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    Why do mustache make you much stronger than being non mustached? 🤔

  26. Brady Sully

    Brady Sully

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    “Doc has won a piston cup!”, “he did what in his cup?”

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    Weston Anderson

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    Ohhh magic school bus. I feel dumb

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    Could not click fast enough # 🚗 🚘

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    liking the 80's gay moustache

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    what are these sri lanka references on 3:10 , 10:00 ?

  31. André Gillesen

    André Gillesen

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    How hectic to watch this guy. How about you don't try to be so hilarious?

  32. aferna Codes

    aferna Codes

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    jerry I'm certain your spiritual guide is a country. thank you for mentioning the country though, its a hidden gem

  33. Gapplebee's


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    bro i just wanna know why they're stronger without all the lame jokes. add-ons, and taking 20 minutes to explain it.

  34. KoyotBravo


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    800PSI in cylinder on a combustion stroke? Nah man, more like 2000

  35. Chaos Attractor

    Chaos Attractor

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    I was always told if a forged piston ever fails, you have a better chance at not damaging your crankshaft because it doesn’t shatter like a cast piston does.

  36. atk kio

    atk kio

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    Lol a cinder block fence



    Acum 8 Zile

    Mr frizzle, fuck sake 😅

  38. MOPARman345 HEMI

    MOPARman345 HEMI

    Acum 8 Zile

    Forged is more consistent than cast; and the molecular bond is stronger. That's all.

  39. Exabyte


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    ı am a material engineering stundent and we just learned grains and their differences yesterday

  40. Daniel Velez

    Daniel Velez

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  41. rocketrockets


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    Applied Materials Class right here. Wish you guys published this back in 2015 lmao

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    Ahh the finnish hudraylic press channel

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  44. Ryan G

    Ryan G

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    The big reason cast parts make more power is because they are lighter. Until they break

  45. Stephan Buchin

    Stephan Buchin

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    So entertaining. You could have played in American Pie 😎

  46. Shane Bedard

    Shane Bedard

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    Mechanical engineer here, I love that Donut is taking concepts I had to learn in college and making it easy to digest. Materials Science is pretty dope, obviously. Keep it up dudes

  47. Ernie Mathews

    Ernie Mathews

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    A great, articulate explanation. I know more now about my high performance engine- and great editing, too.

  48. Colin Hare

    Colin Hare

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    When you watch jojo's bizarre adventure and 4:36 happens

  49. Matt Allen

    Matt Allen

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    Cans for fixing a quarter panel of the all new aluminum body F-150

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    You guys should keep a tally for every time Nolan is mentioned😂💀

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    Jonathan Parag

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    You kids go too far with the comedy

  52. Gavin Lamp

    Gavin Lamp

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    I respect that donut provides education with relation to motorsport. But we all just listened to a chemistry class about atomic structure.

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    Jeremy Cable

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    who let jeremiah wave around a wand??

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    Steven Bennett

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    The hair thing 😢😭😫😒😏😅🤣😂😂😂 you saved me and my sanity! PISTONS F YEA!

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    Mr Frizzle and I have literally the same cd binder including that Twista cd and mix tapes.m wtf

  56. trillrif axegrindor

    trillrif axegrindor

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    because they are forged..try some metallurgy. seems like youtube is a good portion of peoples brains these days,like google one seems to remember or know fuck all

  57. octane


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    eheh =D Sofia Vergara's voice: 5:56 Ay Señor Jemias!!!, what a sxy mustache papihh, ;3

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    And here we go!

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    Metal is so fucking... well... metal

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    Real ones remember the original thumbnail

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    Really informative mate, keep it goin

  62. Colby Larson

    Colby Larson

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    I hate that he didn’t crush the forged piston in the same orientation 😂 we didn’t get to compare numbers at all

  63. madog


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    Don’t forget to talk about the expansion. In the motor during the run cycles of the engine.

  64. Jonathan Sawyer

    Jonathan Sawyer

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    Jerehmia actin a lil sus

  65. Chrispewkreme


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    Why is Phil Swift so strong?

  66. Ryan Buck

    Ryan Buck

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    Biden supporters = cast. Trump supporters = forged

  67. Sheila Dawg

    Sheila Dawg

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    This could have been a good, informative 5 minute video. Instead, it's unwatchable. Too bad, great subject.

  68. Crypto Junky

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    I think you’ve overtaken James for the funniest guy in Donut.

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    Laughs in rotary

  70. I AM GROOT 7

    I AM GROOT 7

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    Listening to you guys reminds me of Bill Nye the science Guy back in my elementary days. Those days I was chasing Ashley and Sally around recess time.

  71. SinkingSail


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    God, he is so obnoxious I can't watch this.

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    Mr. Frizzle piston his teacher's coffee.

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    Erik Truchinskas

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    I like the mustache it says "im not allowed within 300 yards of a school or daycare"

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    Co ten člověk hulí?

  75. Aa Bb

    Aa Bb

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    so acording to the press test billets are 10x straonger than forged. ok check.

  76. Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy

    Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy

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    Yeah... material science!

  77. vidaoTime


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    some inaccuracies but still good

  78. Nigel Wolfe

    Nigel Wolfe

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    Funny how many people say "SiliCONE" when refering to "SiliCON" Obviously TOTALLY different materials! Similar to all the folks saying "dampening" (like for shocks) when actually referring to "DAMPING" again totally different words that make one sound uber ignorant when interchanged Check 7:37 where presenter suggests that manufacturers add SILICONE (natural rubber!?!?) to Pistons. to make them "stronger"...LOL.....I am thinking NOT....That is SILICON (O is NOT long as in SiliCONE)

  79. Nigel Wolfe

    Nigel Wolfe

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    Pet peeve....all the morons that spend a sh*t ton of money making SMALL engines make BIG horsepower.....and they dont even race or anything....just want to waste ALL their money on their VEHICLE because they have NO BRAIN....I mean OBVIOUSLY if you want a crap load of power just buy a vehicle that has it STOCK DUHHH! But noooo they have a little engine blueprinted with forged pistons and carillo rods etc etc etc turbo etc....just FLUSHING money down the sewer hole for NO GOOD REASON WHATSOEVER!

  80. CPanic


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    Silicon = sand. Silicone = fake boobs. I think you used the wrong one

  81. Nc Spurgin

    Nc Spurgin

    Acum 12 Zile

    Coming from a polymer/material scientist, this is a great simplified explanation, love it! Only thing I can knock it for is the use of "silicone" vs "silicon," two VERY different things.

    • Blast Furnace

      Blast Furnace

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      @Lucki Si is a metalloid, not a metal.

    • Lucki


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      bro the metal silicone sheriff

  82. El L Cooljay

    El L Cooljay

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    Melting cans to make a radiator.

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    My girl never kisses me on the lips, only on the head...

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    I think these episodes are way over engineered for just being on ROfilm.

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    So who gets to sue Donut this week? Quick. Someone look up if Disney owns any magic school busses?

  86. Blazin Off-road

    Blazin Off-road

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    I was really excited about the clips from the press channel because I wanted to see a comparison of how the two crush and deform, but the segment was entirely pointless since he did them in 2 different positions. That was pretty disappointing. Otherwise tho awesome video.

  87. Hotdog


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    Hey guys, don’t cast over concrete, if you spill it can spall and fling hot metal at you, get a sand box or something.

    • Hotdog


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      For your health

  88. Jan Binnendijk

    Jan Binnendijk

    Acum 12 Zile

    nice video.. another benefit of forged pistons is that there is no cutting through the grains, all grains remain intact.. that is what makes them stronger, and that's also why tools like spanners and wrenches are made the same way. Material science is one of the hardest subjects in engineering studies, but one of the most fascinating.. i really liked it when i was still in school...

  89. Sean Price

    Sean Price

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    it's silicon, not silicone. were talking pistons here, not implants.

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    Notice how in b2b they get as sweaty as possible before recording to be more intense

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    Mr. Frizzle HAHAHAH!!!! That was sick, hilarious, and informative (on many levels)

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