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Initial D - Everything You Need To Know | Up to Speed

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“Initial D” is the world’s most beloved racing anime for good reason. Combining killer drifting action, a relatable coming of age storyline, and unmatched attention to technical detail, it was tailor made for young car enthusiasts. “Initial D” massively influenced modern car culture, fueling drifting’s explosion in popularity. For most of us the world of “Initial D” is nothing but a hazy JDM dream, but for some it was reality! Join host James Pumphrey as he investigates the real Japanese street racing scene that inspired Initial D and-maybe-reveals the real drifter Takumi Fujiwara was based on!

Props to Demothy Tien for tackling this edit, and for liking Initial D at least as much as we do. Check him out on Instagram @demothytien

Huge thanks to Candrawana Sukmauliansyah for the incredible manga illustrations. Follow him on Instagram to see more of his work, @costumwhitestudio

High-five to Raghav Arumugam for the animations. Check his ROfilm channel for more:

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